What Does Acura Mean?

2019 Acura MDX Interior Driver View

Anaheim Acura owners— or soon-to-be new Acura owners — may be wondering what the word ‘Acura’ actually means. In the following guide, we’ll detail the namesake and multiple meanings of Acura, a brief history of the luxury-model automaker, and explore the distinguished logomark. Read on below to learn more about the Acura meaning.

Acura Meaning

There are multiple ways to interpret what Acura means. First, to break down the word etymologically, we find the Latin word Acu, which translates to “done with precision” or “mechanically precise.” That seems to describe the beloved automaker quite well. Additionally, there is also the origin story that the Japanese division of the Honda Motor Company (Acura’s modern day holding company), initially referred to the make as ‘Akira,’ meaning intelligence, wisdom, or truth. With either namesake story, it’s easy to see how it informs the modern day name: Acura.

Acura History

As mentioned, Acura was born out of the Honda Motor Company. After work, Honda engineers began dreaming and scheming about what Acura would one day become. In 1986, what seemed like just far-fetched sketches discussed at late-night meetings became reality. Within a year the first Acura dealerships were selling the first two Acura vehicles: the Legend and the Integra. By 2000, the famous Acura MDX hit dealerships and introduced the modern day midsize crossover to the industry. Then, Marysville, Ohio became home to the Performance Manufacturing Center in 2013. The PMC blazes the future for Acura with innovative research and design.

Acura Logo

The meaning behind the Acura insignia is just as intentional as its name. Dedicated to precision and craftsmanship, the Acura logomark is the tip of caliper: a tool to measure precise internal or external dimensions. Now you can look at the mark in a new way when you see an Acura cruising throughout Costa Mesa. And— if you look closely, you’ll see the logo makes an abstract ‘A,’ for Acura.

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