Car Maintenance Checklist For Every Driver

2020 Acura TLX

This checklist is all you need to prolong the life of your vehicle. When it comes to your car, you can take charge of the maintenance and stick to a schedule. You don’t need to be an auto mechanic. Routine maintenance, while mostly done in a service center, can also be done at home if you know what to look for. View our checklist of 10 automotive maintenance tips to help you check your vehicle at home. Safety is always important on Tustin roads. Read your model’s owner’s manual to see the recommended automotive maintenance schedule, and make the effort to keep your car at its best. For a professional touch contact our service center!

Automotive Maintenance Tips

  1. Study the Manual: Your vehicle owner’s manual is the guide to helping you check everything properly and be able to keep your vehicle running smoothly for longer.
  2. Inspect the Vehicle: The owner’s manual explains things you should be able to identify. Soon you’ll be able to notice signs of leaks, flat tires, and more that you can have fixed before it becomes more serious.
  3. Check Your Tires: Invest in a tire pressure gauge. This is a tool that makes monitoring your vehicle’s tire pressure a breeze. Top off the air in tires to ensure they are at the recommended levels and investigate the tread for signs of wear at home using a penny. When you place the penny with Lincoln’s head facing down, if you can see all of the head, your tires need to be replaced.
  4. Check the Engine Oil Level: This oil helps reduce friction, overheating, and excessive wear in the engine. Use the owner’s manual to locate the dipstick so you can check the oil levels. Also, the difference could be a quart. When it’s low you need a quart to fill it
  5. Check the Engine Coolant: read your owner’s manual to determine where the coolant reservoir is located. Remember to read the anti-freeze bottle too. Then follow the instructions if coolant needs to be diluted.
  6. Inspect the Engine Air Filter: The engine air filter should be checked every year. It should be white or off white.. If it’s clogged or dirty, be sure to replace it. Replace it is has been over a year even if it is not dirty
  7. Use the Right Fuel: Each model has a specified octane rating. Pay attention to this rating when filling up at the pump. Using a lower level octane fuel can cause a ‘knocking’ sound.
  8. Inspect Light Bulbs: Having visibility at night and having others be able to see you is important. Regularly check each bulb and replace the ones that aren’t properly working.
  9. Inspect the Windshield Wipers: When their effectiveness is compromised such as winter months, this is the moment to buy winter windshield wipers. Also pull them away from the window when you park.
  10. Keep Track of Maintenance: Keeping good records can make a difference and can prevent unwelcome surprises. It’s important to stick to an automotive maintenance schedule as a good habit to extend the life of your vehicles.

Learn More About an Automotive Maintenance Schedule at Weir Canyon Acura

Attend your vehicle’s maintenance as soon as possible when problems arise. you may require professional service or help if there’s something you need replaced. Schedule a service appointment with us at Weir Canyon Acura. You can rely on our technicians to help get you back on the Costa Mesa roads in no time. Ask about our service specials to make your appointment more affordable. Contact us and say hello!


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