Acura Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Coverage

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When considering a new vehicle from Weir Canyon Acura, warranty coverage is a significant advantage that provides added peace of mind as you drive on the roads of Anaheim and Costa Mesa. But what if you’re not interested in a new vehicle? At Weir Canyon Acura, we are pleased to offer a range of high-quality certified pre-owned Acura vehicles.

Along with a wide selection, Acura CPO models can take advantage of the Acura certified pre-owned warranty, giving you the same confidence you’d have with a new car. But what are the details of this type of warranty? Our experts at Weir Canyon Acura have all the information you need on the Acura certified pre-owned warranty coverage and what it means for you. In this article, you’ll learn more about the Acura CPO warranty and the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the types of Acura CPO models?
  • How long is the Acura certified pre-owned warranty?
  • What does the Acura certified pre-owned warranty cover?
  • Is the Acura CPO warranty transferable?

Ready to get started? Let’s dive into all the information you need to know about this warranty coverage for certified pre-owned Acura models.



Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Types

Two distinct categories exist for Acura CPO vehicles based on mileage and age. Both categories offer impressive performance for your Anaheim adventures and have undergone thorough inspections by certified Acura technicians. Here are the mileage and age limits for each Acura pre-owned vehicle category:

Acura Precision Certified

  • Up to 6 model years old
  • 80,000 miles or less

Acura Precision Used

  • Up to 10 model years old
  • No mileage limit

How Long is the Acura Certified Pre-Owned Warranty?

The duration of the Acura CPO warranty coverage varies depending on whether you own an Acura Precision Certified vehicle or an Acura Precision Used vehicle. So, how long is the Acura certified pre-owned warranty coverage for each option? Let’s take a look:

Acura Precision Certified

  • 7-year/100,000-mile* powertrain coverage
  • 2-year/100,000-mile* non-powertrain coverage
  • 2-year/100,000-mile* Acura roadside assistance

Acura Precision Used

  • 6-month/7,500-mile* powertrain coverage
  • 6-month/7,500-mile* non-powertrain coverage
  • 1-year/12,000-mile* Acura roadside assistance

What Does the Acura Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Cover?

While the Acura CPO warranty offers considerable coverage, it is essential to understand what it actually covers. Coverage for both Acura CPO categories includes:

Powertrain Coverage

  • Engine cylinder block, head & all internal parts
  • Transmission/transfer case
  • Drive system

Non-Powertrain Coverage

  • Fuel system
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Brake ABS
  • Batteries & bulbs
  • Heating, cooling, & AC system
  • Audio/navigation system

Additional coverage may be available for your specific model, so we recommend consulting our service team for confirmation regarding your Acura certified pre-owned vehicle and details about your Acura certified pre-owned warranty coverage.

Is the Acura CPO Warranty Transferable?

You may be wondering whether the Acura certified pre-owned warranty is transferable. We are pleased to inform you that the Acura CPO warranty is indeed transferable. However, only the remaining coverage periods for non-powertrain and powertrain are transferable to the new owner. You may need to contact the Acura Care® Client Services team to transfer warranty coverage.

Ready to Take Advantage of the Acura CPO Warranty with Weir Canyon Acura?

Are you ready to experience a CPO Acura model firsthand? Contact our team at Weir Canyon Acura in the Tustin and Montclair area. We are ready to help you arrange a test drive and let you see why a high-quality certified pre-owned Acura might be the right fit for you!


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*Based on total odometer miles.
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