How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

Car brake being put on wheel base

How long do car brakes last for most drivers? If you drive every day in Costa Mesa, you can expect to go between 25,000 and 65,000 miles on each set of brake pads. In the guide below, the Weir Canyon Acura service center will walk you through the many factors that may impact brake pad life — from your driving habits, to your vehicle’s age and the condition of your brake pads.

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

How long do car brakes last for vehicles like yours? We can’t provide a more accurate estimate without knowing more about your Acura model and the kind of driving you do in Tustin, but most experts suggest that you schedule service to replace your brake pads about every 40,000 miles. Because brake pads can last as long as 80,000 miles in some vehicles and as few as 25,000 miles in others, it’s important to learn more about the condition of your brake pads.

Every Acura vehicle comes with a manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule, designed to keep that particular model in top shape for years to come. So how many miles do brakes last for your Acura sedan or SUV? Refer to your owner’s manual to learn when to schedule key services for your vehicle.

More Factors That Impact Brake Pad Life

If you’re a typical Montclair driver, how many miles do brakes last? After checking your recommended maintenance schedule, here’s what you need to know to find out:

  • Driving habits can exacerbate brake wear. Aggressive use of the brakes, like riding or slamming the brake pedal, will wear down your brake pads quicker. Instead, press the pedal gently and coast to a stop.
  • Certain weather conditions can shorten brake pad life. For example, how many miles do brakes last if you drive mainly in downtown Montclair traffic versus highways outside Riverside? City driving is tougher on your brake pads because of the frequent starts and stops.
  • Brake material can affect brake life. Carbon-ceramic brakes, which come standard or are available on many luxury vehicles, last significantly longer than typical metal brakes. Most vehicles can be upgraded with carbon-ceramic brakes.
  • Check your brake fluid levels. To function smoothly and avoid corrosion, your vehicle’s brake system needs periodic brake fluid replacement. You should also check fluid levels at home, and top off the reservoir when levels are low.

Find Expert Acura Brake Service in Anaheim

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