How to Remove a Car Battery

Removing a car battery

Your car battery is crucial to both the mechanical and electrical systems of your Acura vehicle: it’s responsible for starting the engine and the pumping power to electrical components. Every now and then, a jump start won’t revive your battery and you’ll need to replace it. Other times, removing the battery is necessary to check for signs of damage.

Removing a car battery is a simple process, but doing it correctly is important to your safety. Keep reading to learn how to remove a car battery in a step-by-step guide from our Weir Canyon Acura service center near Costa Mesa.

Removing a Car Battery: Preparation

Protective equipment is crucial when removing a car battery because car batteries hold enough charge to deliver a deadly shock. Have the following equipment ready before removing your car battery:

  • Removing a Car Battery: Protective Equipment
    • Safety Goggles — Goggles will protect your eyes from exposure to corrosive agents.
    • Zip Ties — Zip ties are an easy but effective way to keep battery cables secure while you remove the battery. Cables touching by mistake may cause sparks and become a fire hazard.
    • Two Wrenches — Have two sturdy wrenches or pliers on hand.
  • Removing a Car Battery: Safety Steps
    • Good Ventilation — Proper ventilation will prevent your exposure to harmful gases.
    • Cut the Engine — Attempting to remove your car battery while the vehicle is running can produce sparks.
    • Prevent Cable Contact — Cover the positive cable end with a cloth to avoid metal-to-metal contact between cables.
    • Remove Watches and Jewelry — Metal necklaces, watches, or bracelets may generate a shock if they contact the battery.

If you discover that your battery terminal has become fused, you need a special battery cable removal tool to get it loose. Ask your local Acura dealership parts center if this tool is in stock, or easily order one online.

How to Remove a Car Battery Step-by-Step

Follow these steps for removing a car battery safely:

  1. Find the negative terminal. You’ll generally find it under a black plastic over marked with a minus ( – ) sign.
  2. Unscrew the negative terminal nut. Take hold of the negative terminal bolt head securely with your wrench or pliers. With the second wrench, turn the nut counter-clockwise to remove it. Set aside the nut. Now pull off the negative cable and secure it away from the battery using a zip tie.
  3. Repeat step 2 for the positive ( + ) cable. Use a zip tie to secure the positive cable someplace where it won’t contact the positive cable or battery.
  4. Free the battery. The battery may be held in place with a securing blanket. If it is, remove the screws and bolts with your wrench.
  5. Remove the battery. Now just lift the battery directly out of its bracket. Keep in mind that car batteries can weigh up to 40 pounds.

Learn How to Remove a Car Battery With Weir Canyon Acura

Our technicians are also happy to provide tips so you feel comfortable removing the battery yourself. Removing a car battery is easy once you know how — but if you’d rather see it done by an expert before trying it yourself, stop by Weir Canyon Acura for service. You can even find service tips like how to check tire tread to help you take the best care of your vehicle. Contact us today for car-care tips about routine service like oil changes, and check out our special offers for Tustin and Montclair-area drivers!

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